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JetBeam RRT01 Raptor review

Published 2024/01/08

"OK, I really need to do do a few reviews of something else after this, this was not planned to be a theme..."

The Jetbeam RRT01 is a small tactical light with rotary control. After receiving the V11R featured in my previous review, I wanted a similar light for myself and got the RRT01 as the closest comparable light. Compared to the V11R, it is a larger and higher performance light that only uses li-ion batteries.


Sunwayman V11R Revolution review

Published 2023/12/15

"The KC1 and M8 arguably count as rotary control, and here I am doing another... Is this going to become a meme here?"

The Sunwayman V11R is a dual-chemistry light with rotary control that takes several different battery sizes; 16340 or CR123A, or using an extension tube for 14500 and AA. This is a discontinued light from the late 2010s being looked at from a 2023 viewpoint.


Weltool M8 review

Published 2023/11/29

"An efficient, durable tactical zoomie with a spec under 50,000lm? U WOT M8?"

"So for my second full review, I'm doing another twisty light? Well, kind of..."

The Weltool M8 is a rugged tactical zoomie using a round die LED and a twisty zoom mechanism.


Emisar KC1 (519A 5700k dedome) review

Published 2023/11/19

"...so, I guess I'm starting small?"

"Can a keychain light be a hotrod? Let's find out..."

The Emisar KC1 is a 10440/NiMH AAA keychain light with excellent performance for its size.