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Published 2023/11/19

Updated 2023/11/19

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Reviewing system

This describes how I assess lights in reviews.

I score each light on a number of different categories, which are weighted based on the type of light to provide an overall

Review sections

These will be fairly consistent through most lights, although some lights will by their nature have much more extensive content in some sections than other lights.

Review Scoring Categories

Each light will be scored on each of these categories. Each category is scored according to expectations for the overall category of the light, including its price point and competitors.

In addition, each light will get an overall score based on a weighted average of these categories, reflecting how important I feel the category is to the type of light - for example, most people buying tactical lights primarily care about build quality, UI, and performance, while for an enthusiast-oriented light, the top criteria would generally be performance, UI, looks, and moddability, or for a light that falls within neither category, it may receive a higher weighting for practicality and value.

Testing equipment

Coming soon.

Light Categories

Categories are not absolute, as many lights do not fit neatly into them (is a [Weltool W4 Pro Tac] a tactical or high performance light? ("yes."). In general, the categories I will first try and fit a light into are roughly as follows with example weightings:

General purpose

A light that doesn't distinguish itself enough into any particular niche to end up in another category. May often, but not necessarily always, be value-oriented lights.

Examples: Convoy S2+


The kind of light that most people reading this site will probably be familiar with. One that is designed to cater primarily to the enthusiast market.

Examples: Emisar D4, Wurkkos TS11


Lights for doing tactical stuff, or feeling like you are.

Examples: Acebeam L35, Fenix PD36R Pro, Manker Striker

High end custom

A light that's as much a piece of art as a light.

One Light

Lights with a focus on efficiency and durability. While it's a bad idea to only bring one light somewhere you might rely on it, if you were really going to, make it one of these.

Examples: Zebralight, Skilhunt

High Performance

Big throwers, flooders, and LEPs. Where a lot of power, a lot of throw, or both, is the goal.

Examples: Acebeam X75, Imalent SR32, Lumintop GT94X

Keychain and penlights

It's not the size, it's how you use it.

Examples: Emisar KC1, Lumintop Frog, Reylight Pineapple Mini, Emisar D2

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